Eczema vs Psoriasis

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Eczema vs Psoriasis
Eczema vs Psoriasis

Eczema is a fairly common skin disease but it's certainly not a bread-and-butter ailment. Apart from the various debilities that it can bring in the metabolism and the pain that it makes you endure, there can be appearance related issues too. Human beings are known to be obsessed with appearance; perhaps this is attributable to the rise of fashion and cosmetic industry, crash diet courses and gym parlors, hair spa clinics and a lot else. So we can fairly conclude that this is the last species that needs to grow scales and flakes and lesions on the surface of its skin. Unfortunate for most of them, eczema does just that and this is why it becomes a little difficult to cope with eczema.

Medical science suggests that eczema is being suffered by one out of ten individuals at least once in their lives. Well! This certainly does not make it rare, to-be-dreaded disease because for sure it has not wiped off one tenth of human population in an endemic; however, it is also a brutal reality that those who suffer from eczema find living to be an ordeal and a task that becomes tougher by the day. Yes, eczema is not life threatening (unless it's the case of Eczema herpeticum) but it offers you various handicaps that take away the zest of life from you.

Eczema creates a dry skin shorn of humidity. Such lack of moisture creates flakes, rashes and various perforations in the skin. It's difficult to cope with them aesthetically as well medically. As a first, these rashes create a lot of itching sensation and this irritation can lead to further scratching. Well! For the uninitiated, if an eczema patient sleeps without gloves then he may create a deeper rash which can lead to pus being flown out of the area.

This can convert into an open wounded area which can siphon viruses like Simplex Herpes and bacteria like Staphococcylus leading to semi-serious, serious and even fatal complication. So the first thing to be kept in mind is to steer away from the impulse of scratching. Well! It's definitely a difficult job to do as it's such a primary impulse. Think of it, you must have undergone an experience when you would have felt like itching and hands might have been bound for some reason: does it not explain it - the chronic urgency of itching a surface that takes you to your wits end when it happens even once in a month.

Eczema can give you a forlorn look for other reasons too; it's not the nicest of feeling to carry such unsightly rashes while meeting your friends and family. Even if they do not say so, it's evident from their demeanor that you are not exactly as welcome to them as you would have liked to be. Moreover, there is the fear of contagion; while an eczema patient might shout at the top of his voice that the disease is not infectious and that the fact is stamped by the medical authorities, yet it would never be enough an explanation.

You are not allowed to take frequent baths in eczema. This can be very tough in summers. For hygienic and comfort related reasons, a person wishes to take baths twice in a day at least and eczema patients are advised to bathe once in two days; well! That's the tyranny of the disease as it is believed that frequent bath would trigger the immune system to get hyper working and create further itching sensation. While this cannot be contested, it is only hoped that there was some way to get under the shower. It becomes further difficult to cope with eczema as a patient is not allowed to venture into an area of sudden temperature change. This means that he has to be without the various excursions and holiday freak-outs that a person loves for a change.

To cope better with eczema, doctors prescribe various herbs and natural cure along with a steady line of antibiotic and steroidal treatments. The idea is to ensure that you get adequate moisture over your body surface to keep the malady within limited proportions. Steroids are known to facilitate the production of sebum, a liquid largely responsible for lubricating the surface of our skin. Antibiotics are known to sober down the immune system and curtail the chance of their reactive excesses thus allowing the skin to cool down and develop less rashes and itching sensation. However it must be understood that eczema is a chronic condition and a complete cure is out of sight.