How to Create a Meditation Garden  

Whether you live in a large city with limited space or in the middle of the country you can create a meditation garden, a place for you to relax anytime and meditate. These gardens can take many different forms, but their primary purpose is to provide a beautiful and therapeutic place for relaxation, rejuvenation, and meditation. These gardens can be of any size and create a perfect healing space for relaxation. Read more now on tengah walk ec

There are really no specific rules dictating the size or requirements for these types of gardens. These gardens can be created indoors or outdoors and can be designed in a simple or ornate fashion depending your personal style and where you live. It is your meditation garden and can be designed exactly how you want it.

Think about it- there is no point in creating a garden to meditate in if you don’t like it or feel at peace in it. When you are creating your meditation garden it is important to remember that it needs to be a reflection of how you view peace and happiness. Your garden is meant to be your very own personal space.

Taking that into consideration, your garden can be filled with plants or with rocks and water or a combination of both. You can also decide if you would like your garden to be built based on Japanese style of meditation garden with rocks, or dedicated to a particular season of the year.


You could also choose to make your garden useable year round by using different elements such as rock or wood or water or a blend of these elements. Foliage is also very important in your meditation garden. Also, since you will want to be comfortable while meditating, you may want to consider including a meditation bench in your garden. They give a great alternative to cross-legged sitting meditation. This garden is meant to be a place that will enhance your meditation process, introspection, use of binaural beats, and relaxation.

Often, people create their own special sanctuary in the garden by creating a winding meditation path which leads to a lovely tranquil area with a simple water feature-the sound of gently running water is always relaxing. Including water in the meditation garden is a great asset because meditation gardens should appeal to all the senses. Hence, you should have beautiful foliage that appeals to the eyes, scented flowers that appeals to the nose, and waterfalls or fountains that appeal to the ears. A meditation garden after all is your own personal space for finding peace and serenity. The most important aspect to a meditation garden is that the space feels comfortable and nurturing to you.

The reason for having one of these types of gardens is to give yourself a place to sit down and meditate, or at least to think quietly and enjoy the surrounding environment. These types of Gardens are a handy way to escape the tensions of your ordinary life. In essence, your visit to the meditation garden is meant to be a pleasant break during your day. When you think of your meditation garden, you should picture yourself relaxing, sitting on a bench meditating, while listening to birds chirping, water running, and feeling the cool breeze over your face.

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