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Eczema Pictures
Eczema Pictures

Eczema rash is one of the most widely researched of all skin diseases and yet the irony lies that it is the one that confuses researchers the most. There are as many as at least eight kinds of eczema. However before discussing the types of eczema it is helpful to know if you have eczema at all. Check out the pictures from our categories and diferentiate your eczema. I just want to say this first, if you feel an extreme urge for iching your skin eczema, check out our article on how to get fast relief from this condition.

Eczema on skin

Eczema Symptoms

When you have acquired a rash ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you have a rash similar in kind before you were even five or at some point when you were a child?
  • Did itching start before any marks appeared on the body?
  • Is your body or the regions affected with the rash extremely dry in texture?
  • Is the skin in that region forming crusts or flakes?
  • Do you have red or brown patches or eruptions all over your neck and face or even lips?
  • Did you develop the rash after coming into contact with certain objects at home (this may include the fur of your pets, metallic objects or even things like mats rugs or certain clothes)?
  • Are you suspecting the worsening of your rash after consuming certain food like milk or egg?
  • In addition to all this do you have disorders like asthma or hay fever?
  • Did anyone in your family from the previous generation have similar skin problems?
  • Does your rash seem to cure only to appear after a period of time?

In case you show all the above signs it is quite definite that you are suffering with a type of eczema.

Eczema on hands Eczema baby Eczema on eyebrown Eczema psoriasis

Types of Eczema

  • Atopic eczema is the most common type of eczema that usually starts at infancy though in women it may develop at a later stage because of their lifestyle. It occurs mostly where the skin folds.
  • Seborrheic eczema occurs in places where the sebaceous glands are in a great number and over a small area. When this occurs in babies it is called cradle cap and usually affects the scalp and facial region of the baby.
  • Perioral eczema forms around the region of the mouth in women in the form of dry patches or minute pussy lumps.
  • Contact eczema is due to exposure of the skin to allergens in the outside environment and the coming into contact with these objects like certain fragrance products, metals, etc.
  • Hand eczema mostly occurs in women and dentists whose hands are exposed to certain irritants like nickel and some chemical compounds.
  • Foot eczema is usually seen in adults during the chilly season due to the drying of the feet.

Eczema may well occur because of long term physiological problems like diabetes.

What is to be done?

Once you are sure the rash you have is eczema and you have also been able to find out or detect either on your own or with help from your physician as to what type of eczema you have it is possible to zero in on the exact treatment that you should undergo. If you go to a doctor he will give you the details of what all you should do along with the prescription of medicines. Nevertheless these only help in removal of the symptoms of eczema. It is advised therefore to try out a natural remedy as they are said to be longer lasting in cure.

The treatment basically should aim to re hydrate the skin so as to remove dryness and the itchy feeling and then to supplement the body with such materials so that a stronger immune system is built inside the patient. The use of natural products like vitamin e oil, herbs like hydrocotyle, nutrients containing high amounts of antioxidants like Curcuma TR and certain homeopathic medicines that soothe and moisturise the skin are known to help cases of eczema in a very positive manner.

Getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night is absolutely crucial for any kind of healing modality. Great nutrition and topical creams will only get you so far before you need to work on optimising sleep. Melatonin may be a helpful supplement to take in order to help attain deep restful sleep. Choose from the best suppliers at

There are also certain foods that build up the body immunity not only at a faster rate but also to a higher level of health keeping the eczema away at a safe distance.

If the right diagnosis is followed by proper treatment you should not be left feeling irritated or depressed because of the way your skin looks due to eczema.